End the Mommy Wars is dedicated to spreading the message far and wide that there is no one right way to parent. PERIOD…Not in a bottle, not in a breast. Not in a sling, not in a stroller. Not in a crib, not in a bed. Not in a swing, not on a chest.

We believe that each of us is the right mother our child, and you are for yours, not because we do everything alike, but because we care about and respect ourselves, our families, and other parents.   We seek to become advocates and activists for creating an all-inclusive, genuine community in which parents share information and experience for the purpose of helping others, not judging or implying that those who do things differently are wrong. We’re all exactly right for our own families, not because our ways are right for everyone, but because they just right are for us.

Join us!  Check out our blog HERE.  
If you’d like to submit a post for consideration, please send your piece, including a 2-3 line bio, image/photo, and links to atlantamom930 (at) gmail . com.

End the #mommywars…because we’re too busy being parents to care who’s better at motherhood.

*Be cool.  Make this a judgment-free zone by commenting with only neutral or supportive/helpful insights.  Unfortunately there are plenty of other places you can proselytize or push your particular parenting preferences on others.  Need directions to judgey mcjudge  We’ll offer you a free one-way ticket.*

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