Why “End the Mommy Wars”?

I believe that we need to find a balance in our society between defending moms’ choices and encouraging all choices to be respected.  Even as those who strive to stand up against judgment, by defending or aggressively attacking those who believe there is only one right way to parent and use outright meanness or scare tactics, we may indeed be unintentionally fueling the war itself.  The point of this movement is to END the war, and I want to believe that to some extent we can do that. I want to make it so uncomfortable and uncool to be hateful that bloggers and writers and mean moms will just give up and put their energy elsewhere- preferably somewhere good.  The thing is, if these meanies and “activists” created local support groups or wrote helpful and informative/fact-based articles about their particular topic of passion they would be more effective.  So much more effective.  But right now, they can’t see the forest for the trees.  I believe it is our mission to help us to all begin to see ourselves, others, and the world a little more clearly.


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