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What #ISUPPORTYOU means to me

First, a shout out to everyone who participated in the #ISUPPORTYOU movement. ¬†You all rocked my socks off, even as I was only able to observe here and there (due to illness and vacation occurring simultaneously for me that week). ūüė¶ ¬†Since I couldn’t participate, I was hoping we could reflect on your experience of […]

Potty Talk

As I struggle with toileting adventures in my own home on a regular basis, I am grateful that today’s guest, Lynn, is here to share her story about potty training and judgment. ¬†No little person, or their mama, ought be looked down upon for when or how they go to the bathroom. ~Amber In December […]

Mine Fields and Ending Mommy Wars

Today we welcome Walker Karraa to ETMW. ¬†I’m grateful that Walker and I have crossed interwebs paths a lot recently because sometimes, well…getting to actually know someone a little better changes your perspective, not just about them, but about certain ideas, and occasionally even yourself. ~Amber I have a confession. One year I volunteered over […]

Expecting? Gender Expectations, Much?

I’m the mom to these two cuties. ¬†A boy mom. ¬†And while there is strong desire somewhere deep within me to have three children, I also know that it’s not what’s in the cards for us. ¬†And, if I’m honest my gut tells me I’d have boy after boy no matter how many kiddos I […]

What kind of mom are you, anyway?

Today we welcome Amber Rhea, a PPD Survivor Mama and a regular guest blogger at Beyond Postpartum, to ETMW. ¬†Since we created this community, I have been anxiously awaiting a post from Amber simply because I love the perspective that she brings as someone who truly exemplifies intentional and unique parenting. ¬†Amber brings diversity to […]

Just Wait…

Today we welcome first-time mom Kelly to the blog. ¬†She brings the perspective of having been inundated with what she feels were inaccurate and unfair “warnings” about pregnancy and motherhood, usually via sarcasm or joking. ¬†She and I talked long and hard about this post in its original form, as I had personally experienced the […]

Same, Same Mom But Different

Today we welcome Erica to the blog. ¬†I am absolutely in awe after reading her post. ¬†In my opinion, it’s so incredible that it speaks for itself. ¬†So, without further ado, and with great thanks for sharing the story of her motherhood journey with us… ~Amber photo by¬†threelilbirds My name is Erica and I am […]

Breast Wasn’t Best for Me

I am pleased to welcome ETMW community member Holly to the blog today. ¬†As many of have been, she is a victim of judgment over feeding circumstances for her son. ¬†She brings the unique perspective of being an American who gave birth and experienced the her child’s early months in another country. ¬†Thanks to Holly […]

Miffed About Myths

We welcome Meagan Harris with End the Mommy Wars’ inaugural guest post. ¬†When I asked moms on our Facebook which topics were most debated in their social circles, I was baffled at the diversity of the responses! ¬†Meagan’s is the perfect first post because it addresses one of the more unusual of the mommy wars […]

Does Research on Parenting Outcomes Help or Hurt Moms?

A news article entitled “Working moms’ kids fare just as well as stay-at-home counterparts, study says”¬†was recently released reinforcing what we’ve all been saying all along…good kids come from a healthy environment (and if some of us are proof, often from an unhealthy one, too), regardless of whether mom works outside the home or not. […]